How can I help?

Well if you’re ‘hands solo’ ie. need a helper we would love to help you help us support women through the trials of unplanned pregnancy.

What does your helping hand look like?

Your individual fundraising style can be as unique as you are. To get you inspired we have a few different ways you can help.

  • Host an afternoon tea or event. Whether it’s a baby shower or selling funky socks, you can fundraise by asking your friends for monetary gifts or donations for a worthy cause.
  • Enter a fun run. We know that sounds like an oxymoron but if you enter a charity fun run put Diamond as you charity of choice.
  • Start a campaign. There are many websites such as ‘Go Fund Me’ that allow individuals to raise money for worthy causes. You can help us by starting your own campaign for Diamond Women’s support.

Spread the word.

When you have decided how you would like to raise funds then spread the word through Facebook, Instagram, mother’s groups or even the work noticeboard. Basically, speak so much about it until people will do anything to get you to stop!

Donate your fun money.

When you have collected your money, hand it to us at one of our centres or online celebrate the fact that your superstar efforts have just helped women in difficult situations.

If you have any questions about individual fundraising, or if you would like to get started, contact us today.

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