Like, as in the show?


Not quite.

It’s simple, prepare a feast and ask your friends to show their gratitude for your efforts by giving to Diamond Women’s Support through a kind donation. Enjoy dinner and a show (hint: see title) and remember that every cent goes directly into helping our clients.

Since the dawn of time, food has brought masses of people together and we have no doubt that it will continue to do so through the ages. Trends may fade but food is forever because let’s face it, people always need to eat.

Some themes for your dinner:

  • Mexican Fiesta: all things burritos and nachos, wear fun hats and stay up all night!
  • British High Tea: fancy accents and a whole lot of tea blends, sounds like a sophisticated way to host a group of generous people.
  • Irish Pot Luck: if you’re low on budget tell everyone to bring their dish of choice and bring a few jokes to share at the table.
  • Middle East Feast: If you enjoy the fine foods of the great east then get your cushions and rugs out because it’s time for an Arabian night.
  • Formal Dining at Home: tell your friends to scrub up and bring out those once a year dresses and suits because it’s time to look good. Champagne, wine, cheese and a whole lot of generous giving- sounds great to us!


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