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“No woman walks out of Diamond without feeling heard and finding hope.” -Jennifer Gurry, Founder and Director of Diamond Women’s Support

Moved by the struggles of women facing unplanned pregnancy, Jennifer Gurry immersed herself into the field. With this accumulated knowledge base she used her background in business to set up the Diamond initiative in 2006. She started small, caring for women from her home. Ten years on, the organisation, or “family” as Jennifer calls it, now cares for hundreds of women from all over Sydney and the Central Coast every year. Diamond has expanded into three offices and two mobile bases to accommodate these women.


Jennifer’s goal is to make sure no woman walks out of Diamond without being heard. This is the heart of Diamond Women’s Support; to be genuinely loving whilst improving the circumstances of vulnerable mothers and families. And it is with this compassionate outlook, rather than using intimidation and manipulation, that she engages crowds to whom she speaks with. Jennifer speaks with candour and warmth on the preciousness of both mum and bub.


She has addressed various groups over ten years, both formally and informally and with enthusiastic response, on the need to apply immediate effective action. Whether it’s in the company of sensitive youths at schools, a conference of business experts or in front of a congregation at the local church, Jennifer is available to speak to any people group. If you wish to have Jennifer Gurry speak at your next event, fill in a speaking request form and we will be in contact shortly.

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